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Sedalia Family Dentistry

601 W. 16th St.  Sedalia, MO 65301


From children as young as one to adults, we offer complete care for the entire family. Our staff is wonderful with kids and we offer a complete line of products, toothpastes and dental care that is 100% kid approved!


We have over seven years of experience in pediatric dentistry and are up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Bring your little one in for a cleaning and we will not only have them leaving with a fresh and clean smile, but we will also teach the steps in how to care for their teeth at home. We work with them to show them the importance of brushing and the proper way to do it.

Classes on proper dental care

• General cleanings

• Braces

• Spacers

• Tooth pulling

• Pediatric dental surgeries

• Cavities

Expert pediatric care:

From the time your child gets his or her first tooth, it is important to start on a dental routine. The key to a healthy smile is to start early. We work with kids of all ages and are completely comfortable showing your how to care for your toddler's teeth at home.

It's never too early to start with dental care

Quality care for the entire family