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Whether you're interested in orthodontics to straighten your teeth, fix a misaligned bite, or alleviate jaw pain, Sedalia Family Dentistry has been providing families and individual patients with expert orthodontic dentistry for over 7 years.


We offer competitive prices on our dental procedures and cosmetic dental options.

Our most common form of orthodontics are traditional metal braces. Whether you need them for straighten your teeth, fix a bite problems, or for closing gaps in your teeth. Sedalia Family Dentistry provides consultations on all orthodontic and braces procedures.

Traditional metal braces

Braces and orthodontic implants aren't just for straightening teeth, they can also help to alleviate jaw pain and overcrowding in the mouth. If you suffer from pain while chewing, speaking or drinking, you may be a candidate for braces.

Are you suffering jaw discomfort?

If you are in need of teeth alignment but aren't in the market for metal braces, we now carry Invisalign for discreet and effective alignment. These are perfect for adults or if you are in a profession that metal braces would be distracting.

Now carrying Invisalign for discreet tooth alignment

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