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For over 7 years Sedalia Family Dentistry has been providing expert dental implant services to patients with broken smiles or missing teeth. We work with you to find the best option for your implants whether you're missing one, two or multiple teeth - we service a variety of implant cases.


We have the latest in tooth implant technology and you'll enjoy our competitive difference.

If you are naturally missing teeth or have had them removed due to decay or other circumstances, Sedalia Family Dentistry offers multiple tooth bridge implants to replace your missing teeth. We replace your teeth in sections to help keep your smile perfect!

Multiple tooth replacement

If you think dentures are your only option for missing teeth, think again! If you've had your teeth removed for whatever reason, we have the perfect option to provide you with permanent implants. We create a custom molded bridge to adhere to your new teeth.

Skip the dentures!

If you have recently chipped a tooth or have missing teeth, dental implants can be a great option for making your smile whole again. We offer single tooth, multiple teeth or full teeth replacement options depending on your needs.

Do you have chipped or missing teeth?

Regain your smile with dental implants