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For a dazzling smile and a comfortable bite, Sedalia Family Dentistry has been providing expert denture procedures for over seven years. We know how uncomfortable it is to lose your teeth or to not be proud of your smile, this is why we are always up to date on technologies and offer affordable denture pricing.


We are always reliable and honest. We work with you to explain your options and what procedures are available.

If you have had your teeth removed or have lost your teeth to other circumstances, Sedalia Family Dentistry provides complete and effective denture services to get you a healthy smile. We fit each pair of dentures perfectly for you... molded to mimic your natural smile.

Perfectly molded denture sets

If the hassle of traditional dentures isn't something you want to worry about, we offer permanent denture implants to fix missing or removed teeth. For more information on our dental implant procedures, we offer in-office consultations.

Ask about permanent dentures

If you are missing a few teeth or never grew permanent teeth, partial dentures are perfect to restore your smile without the hassle of implants. We often use this procedure on children or teens who are still growing into their smile or receiving orthodontic work.

Restore your smile without the pain of implants

We give you your smile and life back